Legalize Cannabis Hemp

Legalize Cannabis Hemp

SERIOUSLY! ICAN very quickly testify by saying that is a huge line of CRAP Non Sense which I had ever discovered. While having lots of bad life experiences myself consistently revolved around ALCOHOL mind-you I myself was perhaps not the Alcohol drinker. I also have seen a lot of dreadful things happen to be in terrible situations also.

I am not going to get into some detail because it’s no good and will not help anybody. I say what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. It takes time to get over certain things however we still suck it up and move on.

The single issue we have hereĀ Cbd oil for sale is that cannabis/hemp isn’t LEGALIZED, which damn well should be to all reasons!

The only real crimes that I know of are associated with ALCOHOL, Prescription drugs and anything that involves considerable amounts of Money!

Once I was a young adult a companion and I were in her boyfriends house and he had Cannabis/Hemp within afew minutes to be there a few men walked in with firearms, We froze of course but managed to escape out. My point is the whole situation that I just explained for you revolved around MONEY!!! It wasn’t that the cannabis which left them mad and want to commit the crime that it was that the Money.

It does not make them any different then a huge heads who feed you the “LEGAL” Narcotics, Does itall? NO, If Cannabis had been LEGALIZED we would have far less problems today.

Children, parents, grandparents are killed every day although not out of Cannabis out of Alcohol. You will find Beatings, Rape, Murder and Suicides every second again perhaps not from Cannabis but ALCOHOL!

There are so many things that are confidential or maybe you do not even care and that is okay, I can tell you now I am not just a cannabis smoker myself, but what I do know is Cannabis/Hemp heal us all and be used for all,lots of matters.

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